About Us

Softree Imaging Pvt. Ltd. is a DIPP recognised Startup to manufacture Printer Cartridges in India.

Our Company:

Softree Imaging Pvt. Ltd. located in Bangalore, India, is the one of the largest re-manufacturer, for printer cartridges in India. We offer InkJet & LaserJet Cartridges and cost-saving solutions for all customers, be it a home user or a large corporate, across the country. With years of co-operation and thus solid relationships with top material manufacturers, Softree has built an excellent understanding of components R&D, production process and quality control. We strive to be a reliable and competitive.

Online Store:

Softree.in is an official online store fully operated by Softree Imaging Pvt. Ltd.

Our Mission:

Our mission is to bring attention to the overlooked electronics & plastic waste issues that are a plight of the landfills in our communities and convince environmental organizations that their help is needed to promote ink and toner cartridge recycling programs that are safer for the public.

Why Shop Online With Softree.in ?

  • Quick Order
  • Fast Dispatch & Shipping
  • Delivery Available To Every Corner In Karnataka
  • 1,000 + Products In Stock & Ready To Be Shipped
  • High Quality Compatible Products At Low Price
  • Easy Returns & Support With Products



I have been buying Softree Cartridges for the last 2 years and find that they match the OEM Performance at one third the price



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