Printers for rental

Why Buy When you can rent?

No  capital needed to get you into the latest in printer technology.

No minimum number of prints – You use the printer the way you need to when you need to.

Save up to 35% on the cost of your supplies – Depending upon printer and program you select.

All shipping cost are included – We will not only have your printer supplied we will also supply your regular scheduled ink / toner shipment.

Automatic supplies shipments save you the hassle of shopping for supplies

Overcome obsolescence – You can upgrade to a new printer every year and enjoy using the latest printer technology available.

Reduce your total cost of ownership- By eliminating the printer cost, saving on supplies, and getting free on-site service you are assured of the lowest total cost of ownership for high performance color or mono printers in the industry.

Reduce your printing expense by saving on supplies and not paying for the printer or repair service.

Get multiple printers for your office!

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